Denmark’s Comway Distribution A/S grows with Swedish acquisition

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Comway Distribution A/S recently acquired the Swedish IT distributor Convena International AB, thereby strengthening the company’s position in the market for options, replacement parts and accessories.

The acquisition represents a step towards realising the company’s strategy and ambition to further develop the existing business platform. With the acquisition, Comway Distribution A/S gains access to new products, benefiting customers and further strengthening its business presence in the EMEA region.



The Danish IT distributor Comway Distribution A/S has reached an agreement to acquire Swedish-based Convena International AB, effective 16 January 2017. The acquisition is the first step in the realisation of a new growth strategy. Comway Distribution A/S is pleased with the successful acquisition of Convena International AB, which has a good name in the market. Convena International AB will complement the Danish IT distributor’s current business model and strengthen its business platform with a range of agreements with global manufacturers.     


“We are very pleased to have successfully reached an agreement with the owners of Convena International AB on an acquisition. We will continue to participate in the growing consolidation in the industry. We believe that a collection of more brands under a single roof, combined with a deeper understanding of the products, will create additional value for our customers. Convena International AB is very similar to Comway Distribution A/S, making us a bigger and stronger company from day one, while further reinforcing our local presence in the EMEA region,” says Peter Klaris, CEO of Comway Distribution A/S – a view that is seconded by Tomas Ingvason from Convena International AB.


“Many potential buyers have expressed interest in us in recent years. We are certain that Comway Distribution A/S is the right buyer. They match us well in terms of their products and their people. Comway Distribution A/S is known and respected in the market, and I see a lot of opportunities for further developing the two businesses and creating a strong, unified company,” says Tomas Ingvason, former majority shareholder of Convena International AB.


Convena International AB, which had turnover of approximately SEK 300m in 2016, has offices in Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, while Comway Distribution A/S has offices in Denmark and France. The new offices bring the new company even closer to its customers and increases its local presence. 


“This acquisition strengthens our product portfolio for the benefit of our customers. The combination of the two companies will also further strengthen our digital setup. We have invested in a state of the art e-commerce platform that is fully equipped to fulfil our digital ambitions. And we have also made major investments in our capacity to support customers’, suppliers’ and other business partners’ demands for complex solutions via EDI,” says Peter Klaris.   


Since this article was published, Comway Distribution has changed name to Convena Distribution. 


For more information, please contact:

CEO of Comway Distribution A/S, Peter Klaris, or (+45) 33296000