Welcome to Convena’s Advent calendar 2017


As we start to get into the Christmas spirit, we thought you would enjoy this Advent calendar – have a fun December! Below, you can see the list of all the great prizes you can win in our Advent calendar.  


Earn points in our Advent calendar and join our contest for the new iPhone X


Each time you answer one of the daily questions correctly in the Convena Advent calendar, you earn points (lottery tickets) towards the draw for our main prize – an iPhone X.

So the more points you collect, the more chances you have to win the main prize.

Convena Advent calendar

Win a Christmas present every day from 1 to 24 December

Hiding behind each door in the calendar is a question, and everyone who answers today’s question before the end of the day is automatically registered in our draw for the prize of the day.


When you sign up for our Advent calendar, you will receive a daily e-mail with a link to where you can answer the question of the day. Every time you answer a question, you will be automatically entered in our draw for the prize of the day. Each time you answer a question correctly, you will also receive an additional point towards the draw for our main prize. 


More chances to win 

We would love to get to know you better, so during the contest, you will have the opportunity to answer a few questions about yourself.
For each questionnaire you answer, you will receive 5 extra points towards the draw for our grand prize.


On 27 December, Convena will draw the name of our grand prize winner of the new iPhone X. We will contact the lucky winner directly by 29 December.


How to participate (for business customers only)

To participate in Convena’s Advent calendar, you must have a valid e-mail address and be an IT dealer, IT supplier or an existing customer of Convena Distribution. 


Sign up for the Convena Advent calendar here> 


You can win these great prizes

(On some days, we will have several prizes to give away, so more people will have the chance to win). 


December 1

5 x Christmas gift bag

December 2

1 x Bloom Bowl from Georg Jensen (Danish design)

December 3

1 x Apple TV 4K

December 4

10 x Powerbank, 2000mAh & Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Tracker

December 5

3 x Serving dish from Bitz (Danish design)

December 6

3 x Prixton Action Camera 4K

December 7

1 x WOOFit Go Speaker, blue

December 8

1 x HP Sprocket Photo Printer

December 9

1 x Rum and chocolate gift bag

December 10

1 x Marshall Kilburn Speaker, white

December 11

1 x ADAX All Inclusive suitcases

December 12

5 x Sweet Christmas

December 13

1 x Damask Bedding & towels from Georg Jensen (Danish design)

December 14

5 x Clatronic smoothie maker Smoothie Twister blender

December 15

5 x Luxury chocolates

December 16

1 x Champagne party

December 17

1 x Nespresso coffee machine, Expert&Milk, Black

December 18

1 x HP Elite x3 Smartphone incl. dock

December 19

10 x Box of chocolate ‘Gin frogs’

December 20

1 x Skagerak Dania Stool/Storage (Danish design)

December 21

2 x Northface Backpack

December 22

5 x Green Christmas gift bag

December 23

1 x Apple Watch Series 3

December 24 (main prize)

1 x iPhone X, 256 GB, Black