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Lindy's mission is to make technological solutions as simple and creative as possible. They offer a diverse and modular product portfolio within connectivity: Adaptors, converters, chargers, port blockers, and cables for VGA, HDMI, DisplayPorts, and more. Convena Distribution is an Authorised Distributor of Lindy products across Europe.

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Your first choice for cables & connectivity

With over three thousand different products Lindy offers installers, system integrators and resellers the ultimate one stop resource for cables and connection technologies. Covering the complete spectrum of audio video and IT connectivity requirements and with full pre- and post-sales technical support, unbeatable customer service and expertise, Lindy is your ideal partner for connecting, sharing, converting and extending a wide array of digital and analogue signals.

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World Leaders in cables & adapters

From HDMI and DisplayPort to USB, Ethernet and Power, Lindy cables and adapters are designed and manufactured for ultimate performance and reliability. The Lindy Cable Lines concept allows customers to easily select the perfect cable for any application based on performance, design and price.

Anthra Line represents the professional choice, designed for use in pro AV and commercial applications and available in DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI & USB variants.

Gold Line is the no compromise cable solution built for mission critical systems and industrial applications.

Choose from DisplayPort, HDMI & DVI versions. Lindy adapters and adapter cables are the convenient, cost effective choice for easily connecting a wide range different devices and interfaces.

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Experts in splitting and switching technology

With a proven track record of delivering fully featured sharing technology solutions throughout a range of industries and applications, Lindy represents the perfect partner for deploying complex device sharing and collaborative working installations.

Lindy provides a range of performance signal splitters and switches that cover the full spectrum of HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA and USB connections. Their switches and splitters support both legacy and state of the art connectivity. For advanced, multi-signal, complex distribution solutions, their Matrix range is a benchmark for performance and quality in the AV industry.

HDMI  HDBaseT  Fibre Optic  Cat.6  Extender  Repeater  Controler

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Redefining signal limitations with repeater and extender products

Lindy is a world leading exponent of AV and IT extension technology. Simple to use active repeaters extend standard cable runs by factors of two or three. Versatile, easily deployable Cat.x extenders can transmit high-definition video and audio signals over large distances.

IP based solutions can make use of existing network infrastructure, overcoming the limitations of point-to-point extenders and enabling worldwide connectivity.

For distances far exceeding copper-based solutions, their fibre optic technology has emerged as an industry standard.

HDMI  Displayport  USB Type C  Converter  Scaler  Extractor

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Seamlessly integrating new and legacy devices

Mixed technology installations require the conversion of different digital signal protocols between connected devices. With Lindy’s range of conversion technologies, installers can seamlessly build installations using a combination of legacy and modern equipment.

Lindy’s years of expertise in this area allows customers to always implement high performance, effective solutions. Lindy converter technologies cover the full range of AV and IT digital and analogue interfaces including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA and USB.

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