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26. March 2021

Get the best-in-class USB extension and conversion cables

Lindy offers high-quality USB solutions for you and your customers. Particularly their USB extenders, converters, and adapters are popular. Learn more about the various USB solutions in this article.

USB extension

USB 3.0 offers excellent data transfer capabilities and can be used across a wide range of devices. Unfortunately, the transmission distance is often limited when using USB cables.

The solution is to use the USB 3.0 active extension system from Lindy. It connects from distances of up to 50 meters. The system includes active extension cables of 8, 10, and 15 meters, and an active extension hub with a 10-meter cable length. All components can be used separately or connected up to 50 meters.

USB conversion

Add additional equipment to existing IT systems in a cost-effective way without replacing the entire system. Lindy’s range of USB adapters and converters can be used to connect everything from serial and audio to SATA and VGA.

Lindy’s USB C converters also provide a simple way of connecting multiple displays and peripherals to a laptop using a single USB Type C port. This is perfect for creating various desk installations or for home office setups.

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