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6. May 2022

Announcing our rebrand: a new logo, identity and website facelift

Today we proudly announce our new logo and new corporate identity, as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.

We deliver.

Our new profile is expressed in the company’s new slogan ‘We deliver’. But we deliver more than the product itself. You can recognize us on trust and credibility which means that you can confidently trust us and that we keep our word. Our digital solutions allow resellers to feature our full product assortment from the website, which gives us a partnership that builds revenue, traffic and profit. Our entire product range can be seamlessly integrated with other services offered by the resellers to its end customers. We also deliver the product for the reseller directly to the end customer - with your logo on the shipment. Your company is our business. Literally.

After careful consideration, we have chosen to announce a new logo that reflects a more modern look and captures our vision to position Convena Distribution as one of Europe's leading IT distributors within spare parts, options and accessories.

Two decades now count the existence of Convena Distribution, and we have grown in partnership with some of the world's leading brands. We now feel that the time is ripe for a new sharp company profile and an ambitious strategy for growth with a focus on the success of our customers. We were successful in making our customers successful, and for decades to come, this remains our core mission. We plan to grow by making our customers grow.

You can recognize us on trust and credibility, which means you can rely on us and that we keep our word.
CEO, Morten Felding

For a company so focused on digital integration, many customer contact is done the old-fashioned way. Even though there are so many ways you can communicate with your customers these days, we believe talking on the phone, person-to-person, deliver better results for our customers. We speak 17 different languages, and our service goes beyond just placing orders. Getting the right advice is especially important in a period like we are going through now, with challenging supply chains. We are happy to help customers in navigating for advice and information, they need to succeed. For us, it’s a partnership.

T H E  I C O N

The icon in the logo is an abstract visualization of a motion, moving goods from A to B.

We want more than that and take the step further to C and D, which are the initials of Convena Distribution.

A soft organic shape that provides a balance to our tough technology products.

The colors are blue and green. The blue color symbolizes credibility, weight and seriousness.

The green color symbolizes sustainability, loyalty and humanity.

Sustainable alternative

As a distributor of spare parts, we have already made a choice in relation to sustainability. The spare parts extend the life of printers, laptops and servers etc., which help to keep production down on new products. In other words: We strive to be able to offer our customers sustainable alternative products.

The new logo sees the world today, simultaneously across the Convena website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, merchandise, tools, and related marketing materials. In addition to the visual transformation, our new identity incorporates an improved business communications style and a new font as well.

Today's announcement has been in the making for a long time, and we think the time is right now. We distilled the essence of Convena Distribution into a fresh new look and guess what?  We absolutely love it.

We hope you do too.