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12. January 2020

6 good reasons to buy refurbished networking equipment

There are many things to consider when buying networking equipment. One thing worth taking into consideration is whether to buy refurbished rather than new. We’ve put down 6 good reasons to choose refurbished.
Refurbished packages
Better warranty
Get up to 3 years of full warranty on Refurbished products
Save money
Save money
You can save up to 80% when buying Refurbished
Better reliability
Better reliability rating
Every single Refurbished product is thoroughly tried and tested

1. You can offer your customer or client a better warranty

A lot of new network equipment come with a standard 90-day warranty. When you buy refurbished equipment at Convena Distribution, you can get up to 3 full years of warranty.

2. It is significantly cheaper

You save up to 80% when you buy refurbished compared to new products straight from the conveyor belt.

3. Better reliability rating

Most manufacturers will do spot checks on every 50th or 100th piece of hardware leaving their facility. In comparison, every single refurb product is thoroughly tried and tested before it’s shipped to you or your client. At Convena Distribution, we have a return rate (RMA) on refurb products at just 0,7 % which clarifies the high quality of our refurb products.

Protect the environment
Refurbished helps to spare the environment from unnecessary waste
Easy access to spares
We have easy access to spare parts through our many industry channels
Extra licenses included
With Refurbished, all ports are active at no extra cost

4. Sparing the environment unnecessary waste

During production and destruction of IT equipment, a lot of harmful chemicals such as cadmium, beryllium, and bromine will be released. When you and your customer buy recycled, you extend the IT equipment lifecycle and spare the environment the unnecessary waste.

5. Easy access to spare parts

Using a system that has been on the market for some years, grants easy access to a larger range of spare parts, which have been tried and tested for the specific networking system.

6. No need for extra licenses

When you buy new switches e.g. from HPE, Cisco, and other brands, you or your client will often need to buy extra licenses to unlock the full functionality of the switch, e.g. functionality of all ports. When you buy Refurbished, you will have full functionality – all ports will be active at no extra cost.

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