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As of 2013 we have expanded our product portfolio with Refurbished items

In our purchase department, we have a dedicated Product Manager, Carlos Manuel Costa. Carlos specialises in Refurbished products and has many years of experience within his field. Refurbished is one of our newer focus areas and is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the manufacturers’ retail products.


What is Refurbished?


To make a long story short, Refurbished is reuse. The expression comes from when the hardware components in a computer or server have either been replaced with similar components, or have been updated with a newer technology than the one the unit originally came with.


Convena’s Refurbished program mainly consist of ’Grade A’ classified products. In our case, where we only deal in spare part components, a hard drive, for example, would be 100% digitally cleaned from old data and software and the product would have minimal wear. We guarantee that any Refurbished product you receive, is ready for use and will always appear in very good condition.

"So far, our Refurbished program has been a big success when living up to the ‘Grade A’ standard. According to an internal study conducted during the period August 2016 to September 2017, our RMA is only 0,76%."
Carlos Costa, Product Manager Refurbished
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Why buy Refurbished?


Buying Refurbished can save you a lot of money. At the same time, the Convena Refurbished seal of quality is your assurance that the Refurbished product is of the same quality and performance as a similar new product.

With Convena Refurbished certification the products are always:
Aside from Convena’s quality assurance you get:
  • A more cost-effective unit that performs just as well as a new retail product.
  • Direct delivery to your customer, if you wish.
  • A greener and more environmentally friendly alternative.
Better warranty
Get up to 3 years of full warranty on Refurbished products
Save money
Save money
You can save up to 80% when buying Refurbished
Better reliability
Better reliability rating
Every single Refurbished product is thoroughly tried and tested
Protect the environment
Refurbished helps to spare the environment from unnecessary waste

If you'd like to sell to us

Are you in a situation where you need to replace older IT equipment with new, and would like to sell your excess wares? Then please contact our Product Manager, Carlos Manuel Costa. Carlos heads our Refurbished business, and specialises in buying equipment that is re-usable. Contact Carlos for offers and further information.


Do you have questions or would you like to know more?

Contact your Account Manager on +45 33 29 60 00 to have a talk with them about you and your customers' services or contact us here.