We continue to develop solutions that makes it easier for you to do business with us

Use our electronic solutions to minimise and streamline the manual administrative processes such as:

  • Enquiries
  • Ordering
  • Confirmations
  • Invoices


Your benefits with EDI

  • Live updates of our stock and price data allows you to make faster decisions and minimise backorders.

  • Automated processes free up staff to do more valuable tasks. Studies show that using EDI saves up to 50% on human resources.

  • A faster processing time and delivery time from us means that you need less in stock, which can mean big savings.

  • You can get an EDI solution setup in just 2-3 weeks.


What is EDI?

Definition: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a common language for IT systems that enables your company’s IT systems to talk to the IT systems at Convena Distribution.


Your EDI solution in collaboration with Convena Distribution

We make an analysis of what data and processes are to be digitised. The analysis will conducted in close collaboration between our e-Commerce Department and your own IT Department. Convenas in-house e-Commerce team ensures that you have the necessary tools and resources available when the systems have to be connected digitally, and you will experience a smooth and professional process.


Satisfied customers

As your IT distributor, we want to make your working day easier. Our experience is that our customers are very satisfied with the EDI solution and their level of service to their customers is even better.

Get up and running quickly

Contact your Account Manager to learn about your options for an EDI solution Tel. +45 33 29 6000.

Read more and sign up

Read more about the benefits of EDI and sign up by filling out the form on the last pages and mailing it to our EDI System Integrator.

EDI guide