Blind Shipment

We will send your package directly to your customer, with your company as the sender

Convena Distribution offers a number of flexible solutions, including blind shipping. This provides your business with a number of benefits:


✔ You save time. We will send your package directly to your customer on your behalf

✔ You save money. You will minimise your costs for both staff and warehousing

✔ Express delivery. If we receive your order by 17:00 CET we will dispatch it on the same day

✔ Your customers will be in no doubt that they are dealing with you. There will be no indication that the package was dispatched by Convena

✔ We will act as your warehouse. You have access 24/7



Would like to learn more about blind shipment or be set up for the service in our system? If so, please contact your account manager ‎‎ ‎‎ who is ready to assist you at ‎‎ or on ‎+45 33 29 6000‎.


It only takes a moment to set you up for blind shipment in our system. All delivery and consignment notes attached to your package will then be printed with your company as sender and your company logo on all paperwork.

Blind Shipment

If you would like to access our services, simply contact your Account Manager and then we will take care of it right away.