Webinar: Tomorrow’s technology – WiFi 6 (11ax)

Why is it called WiFi 6? And what’s the expected annual growth in demand? These are some of the questions you will get answered when you register for our free webinar “Tomorrow’s technology – WiFi 6 (11ax)”.


Product Manager, James Roos from EnGenius, will walk us through the points on the agenda and will answer any questions you might have. James is a network expert with solid experience from his many years of work at EnGenius. 

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  • Why do we need WiFi 6 (11.ax)?
    • Wired and wireless traffic development
    • Expected annual growth in demand and why
    • IoT development and requirements
    • Offload/cellular traffic from mobile devices
  • Understanding the technology of WiFi 6 (11.ax)
    • Why is it called WiFi 6?
    • 11ax Data range
    • Efficiency, Capacity and Performance
  • WiFi 6 products to cover all needs
    • EnGenius Product Portfolio
    • How does EnGenius products differ from other WiFi6 products?
    • 2x2 antennas vs 4x4 antennas
  • Q&A