When did you last clean your computer of dust?

Giving your computer a general clean will extend its lifetime

Your computer needs fresh air in order to cool down the processor and graphics card and stop them from overheating. 

If you fail to keep your computer clean, it will quickly get clogged up with dust that will prevent it from cooling down. The reason for this is that the air cannot circulate in the system, or because dust blocks the fan and stops it from spinning. In many cases, the end result is that the computer overheats and shuts down. 

You can use an air spray to give your computer a simple clean, although we recommend giving your computer a more thorough clean at least once per year. Convena offers cleaning products for both the internal and external cleaning of your computer, keyboard, screen, printer, etc. See our entire range here.



Signs that your computer needs to be cleaned

- Your computer gets very warm when in use

- The fan in your computer is constantly running

- Your computer shuts down for no reason

- Your computer shuts down when playing video games, etc.

- You can hear rattling or noise from the fan

Advantages of cleaning your computer

  • Longer lifetime
  • Better performance
  • Less noise
  • Prevents your computer from shutting down without warning
  • Less energy consumption