What network switch should I buy?

4 tips for choosing a network switch

A network switch is an essential part of a network. The network switch is a central piece of equipment that enables communication between computers on a local network.


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1. How many ports does my switch need to have?

When choosing the best switch for your setup you’ll need one that can match the number of users on your network. For example, a switch with 8 ports would be sufficient for a network with 4-5 users. 

For a network of 40-50 users, a single 48-port switch will usually be a good choice. However, if your network is larger, you’ll need multiple switches working in tandem. Our primary providers for this type of structure is Cisco or HPE Aruba.

2. Analyze the user needs: 100 mbps or Gigabit switch?

The needs of network users can vary a lot from business to business. 

If the network is only used to access the internet and the files on joint servers or similar setups, 100 mbps ports is usually enough. 

For large amounts of data-transfers you may want to choose a Gigabit network switch instead. An example where a Gigabit switch might be a better choice, could be if you stream a lot of HD movies over the internet.

3. Managed or unmanaged switch?

As a rule, network switches are put into two categories: Managed and unmanaged.

Managed switch: Lets you access advanced settings for the setup of your network. With a managed switch, you can monitor performance, any errors that may occur, and see which users have certain rights within the system. A managed switch demands existing user knowledge or expert advice for a proper setup. 

Unmanaged switch: A plug-and-play switch were different units (computers, printers, internet connection etc.) can communicate through. This type does not provide you with any additional advanced settings when setting up your network.

4. Choice of brand

Which brand you should choose when buying a network switch depends on your needs. Picking Cisco or HPE Aruba is great if you require a switch or switches with advanced features and high reliability. They are best used for networks in a business setting where safety and reliability are of particularly high priority.

If you need an easier solution where user-friendliness and price are the more deciding factors, Ubiquiti makes excellent switches at affordable prices.

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