What is Cisco Refresh?

Cisco Refresh is a price friendly and realiable solution when you want quality networking hardware at a cheaper price. The products are remanufactured, certified by Cisco and comes with a warranty.


When you buy Cisco Refresh products with us, you can be sure you will always receive:

  • A one-year Convena guarantee
  • All device accessories included in the pack
  • Cisco logo and seal
  • SMARTnet is available as an optional extra


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Buy Cisco Refresh products when:

  • You have a limited budget: If your budget is limited, Cisco Refresh gives you the opportunity to buy products at very low prices compared to retail products. Cisco Refresh products are a good solution that can also be combined with new Cisco products in larger solutions, for example, where there is a need to reduce overall costs and meet even the most challenging purchase requirements.
  • You want a green alternative: Reusing equipment provides a green solution that helps your customers with their "green" initiatives. A reconditioned unit extends the service life of the product and also helps to reduce the amount of electronic equipment that ends up at the tip.

Cisco Refresh Access Points

Cisco access points deliver high connection speeds and support 802.11ac. They are now available to buy at keen prices. Optimise your business with Cisco Refresh products, ideal for cost-effective solutions.

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Are you also interested in Cisco Excess?

Cisco Excess are excess and used products and not to be confused with Cisco Refresh. Cisco Refresh comes with a guarrentee and is quality tested by Cisco before it's sold. Cisco Excess products come from canceled orders, over-production, warehouse rotations, expired leasing contracts and demo models.



Read the FAQ

Take a look at the frequently asked questions about Cisco Refresh. Cisco Refresh FAQ

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