KVM Webinar Series

All You Need to Know about KVM Technology

In cooperation with Black Box, we offer three webinars on Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) solutions. All webinars are offered free of charge and you can join from the comfort of your own desk.


The webinars have already taken place. Watch the recordings below.


Webinar 1: Understanding KVM technology & benefits

Webinar 2: Direct-connect KVM vs. KVM over IP

Webinar 3: Black Box KVM solutions update

Who is the speaker?

Brian Andrews, Applications Engineer & KVM expert at Black Box, will share his knowledge with you as we elaborate the usage and benefits of KVM technology through a series of three webinars.


Is it relevant for me?

The webinars are for everyone who has an interest in learning more about KVM switches and extenders and how to harness the full potential of the technology.



If you have any questions about the webinars, you can reach out to our Network Product Manager, Bo Vigandt Kaslund.