Convena Distribution: A growing player in the IT industry

September 2017

Back in January 2017, Comway Distribution bought Convena International. In June, the two companies became one entity and the name of the fused company was officially announced as Convena Distribution.

We’ve been busy. Very busy. The warehouses in Sweden and the Netherlands have been moved to our head office in Denmark, IT systems have been expanded and implemented to accommodate the extra workload, information on over 100,000 new products have been uploaded to our system, and much, much more. Despite the many challenges the new company structure has brought with it, we believe we’ve gotten far in just a few months and we’re proud of our accomplishments.


Markus Ekeroth as our new Purchasing Director

As part of the overall strategy, Markus Ekeroth have, from the 1st of September, taken up the mantle as our new director of the Purchasing department. Markus has more than 20 years of experience from Convena International where he has achieved great results such as long-time distributor agreements with leading manufacturers like HP Enterprise, HP Inc., Lexmark, Samsung, etc.

Along with the rest of the Purchasing team, he will continue the good work. Special focus will be granted to expanding our product portfolio, optimizing our purchasing process and warehouse, and working towards our overall goal of Convena Distribution becoming an even stronger contender on the IT-distribution market.

Founder & Co-Owner, Peter Garber who previously headed the Purchasing department, will take up a new role as part of Convena Distribution’s team handling overall business development and strategy.


More customer benefits for you

Through the process of creating Convena Distribution our focus has been on taking the best of the two former companies. We aim to strengthen our market position, so you can make the best of your business. We do this by providing you the following customer benefits:

  • Official distributor agreements – guarantees you original products and warranty

  • A product portfolio that expands with new brands

  • Able to deliver more than 100,000 spare parts and accessories – with a daily expanding catalogue

  • Optimizing our warehouse – we’ll make sure to have the most popular products in stock

  • Logistical setup – delivery within 24h in Europe and 48h in the rest of the world on in-stock products

  • State of the art digital services – EDI, web services and web shop


Aside from the above, Convena Distribution has a strong team with many years of experience within the IT industry, ready to help you – no matter if you’re a returning customer with large projects or you’re just looking to purchase from us once.