The Convena Brand

The Convena Brand

Supply Chain

Convena is a supply chain management company, always close to you! Our relationship with our customers is built on mutual trust and openness. We would like to be your partner on a long term basis. When we promise you something we will do everything in our power to live up to it!


The sales support teams are easily accessible to you and will work as your purchasing and logistic service. We will take care of deliveries and escalation processes and give you time to focus on your customers! Our warehouses will serve as your storage and can be easily adapted to your needs.

Long Term Relationship

Convena is under constant development so what ever your need is, we are prepared to look for the ultimate solution to support you. Our ambition is to fulfill your request of genuine spare parts and to develop the best service possible!

Logistic Service

Convena is a reliable long term business partner with great flexibility. As your supplier we specialize in distribution and stocking of spare parts, consumables and options. Our goal is to perform and develop logistic services in integration with customers and suppliers. In our warehouses you will find parts for the computer, phone, home appliance, TV, video, audio and photo industry.


We are always there for you and will do everything we can to support you. Our national support centers are here to quickly help you find the right spare part.

The Convena Name

Our name – Convena International – symbolizes our company of today and for the future! Convena has a very strong meaning to all of us. It means coming together in Latin. And that is what our company is all about, meeting you!

Just as we depend on our customers and colleagues, the parts that we supply are also depending on each other and must be assembled into a larger unit to make a difference.

We are a strong team and we work close to you. Our goal is to make business convenient and to do our best to support you!